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Why buy cloth dolls?

Nowadays we have so many options to buy industrialized toys, with advanced technology, but still they do not have the peculiarities of toys made of fabric. The fabric is a raw material that comes close to the texture of our skin and easily transmits the sensation of human presence. Regardless of age or gender, the doll will represent a friend or companion for moments of joy or sadness. My dolls can be the mirror of the child who plays with her, where she recognizes her ethnic characteristics such as the need for representation, which is very important and necessary throughout the child’s development. However, I also strongly encourage the importance of the child learning to play with dolls of different ethnicities. This learning is essential so that you can learn to live and love all human beings in their diversity and form. Another positive point of Poupée Wax dolls is the fact that our dolls are made with natural and anti-allergenic materials, so that each child or adult can enjoy the dolls without fear.

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