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Anglais On SAMAKAKA fabric

The original samakaka fabric is made by the Muílas, people of southern Angola. The Muilas are part of the inner circle of the last semi-nomadic peoples of Africa.

With a rich and powerful culture, they have kept their ancestral traditions until today.

For several years now, the success of the samakaka fabric has meant that its artisanal manufacture is no longer sufficient to meet global demand.

The supply of samakaka fabric, even in Angola, is supplied by Europe and Asia.

Today, all textile factories in the country have closed their doors and the foreign market has filled this void.

Currently, several associations are mobilized to change this situation but it will still take time for Angola to become a major player in the market.

But, wishing to continue to transmit this part of Angolan culture, I use a samakaka “made in Europe”, always 100% cotton and of first quality, meeting all the criteria of traditional samakaka, hoping soon to be able to offer you some “Made in Angola”.

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